Is lost Ark getting loot boxes?

Im not a fan of them but I’m not sure if that is what we are getting.

yes, it’s been known already that legendary costumes are a huge gamble and gated by heavy rng

they’re cosmetics, you DONT NEED them

Yes, but the skins are ugly anyway

Loot boxes shouldn’t exist in any form in any game.

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you can still save up to buy the costumes as f2p, i dont see an issue

you’re not getting hurt just cause someone else has a costume and you dont rn

im f2p and not gonna change that im just saying it literally doesnt affect you and its only for a singular set of costumes

a cosmetic that gives 5% str instead of 1% or whatever normal skins have

I don’t care about these skins, loot boxes shouldn’t exist in games.

YES!. Gambling

Are they tradable? Can whales monopolize the legendary skin market if it’s tradable?

like 99% positive they’re tradeable in kr, but regardless of monopolized or not, it still means f2p can get it eventually just like how f2p will eventually get legendary grudge engravings if they save up but rn not really worth lmao

I hope as more and more people start getting and selling legendary skin, it becomes cheaper. I can foresee 100-150k gold per piece since someone said it costs around $500-800 to get a full set if you’re lucky.

itt: people who arren’t familiar with the system

Imo simple loot boxes would be preferable over what we’re getting however they might include the pve costume crafting with it so that would be nice ~