Is Lost Ark still in Beta?

I have played many MMO’s and this game by far seams like it is still in Beta with no end date.

The following items are what I experience on a daily basis:

  1. Cursor (Mouse) Changes colors randomly
  2. Can’t leave an area once you queue for something or you are exited out of the queue (No
    matter how long queue is)
  3. Game randomly closes followed by a 5-10 min relog
  4. Market (Auction House) “To Many Players” or “Try Later” (Not exact error msg)
  5. DC during PVP queue and come back with a time and points penalty
  6. DC during Chaos or other PVE content, put in a ticket and get the "If our system disconnected you we will refund tickets, Aura etc. Nothing ever happens. Put in another ticket and get “Thanks for the feedback”
  7. Random players riding mounts (though the mount legs are not moving)
  8. No real customer service (You can add info to the forums and @roxx is great) but you should be able to contact support directly, not AGS who provides all canned responses but SG technical Support
  9. The only thing that always works for me is the Store (No surprise here, this is their money grab)
  10. Ratio of RMT to players is astronomical, no matter how many times you report them, the same exact one’s are still here doing their thing. Makes me think they allow them here for their “Active Player” KPI and if they removed them this number would plummet

And so many others.

I have followed all the troubleshooting steps, verify files, uninstall and reinstall on and on… I have a new very capable computer, this is not a computer or my network problem.

Game seems just half baked

This game is great but could be so much better if they actually managed it like a real software company and not a college frat party.



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the game never passed the beta stage

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are you sure you dont change it by accident? ctrl+scroll is the shortcut to change it

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@Xveno Good Call but not in this case, it is usually after a screen transition like going from part of the map to another.

1 ctrl+mousescroll changes the colour
2 that game is based on unreal enginge 3 , that is by alot of games like that
3. since 3 weeks a problem with the game
4. shouldnt be the case anymore , they fixed it and was only there for 3 weeks
5. patch problem they cant get fixed atm it seems
6. same
7. happens in alot of unreal 3 based games
8. you can Lost Ark - Support | Amazon Games
9. no it does not work always , but yeah mostly fine
10. say thanks to your guildmate who buys that gold , in the end its the players fault to buy “dirty” gold

if you speak korean you could tell Smilegate that they do a crappy job per inven ( Korean Discord/forum )

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Then it must be only you or you fatfingered it.

About No.2 - if PF, you can leave area without worry. Only area you shouldn’t enter, is Trixion (it cancels PF). but you can enter adventure isle and PF will stay still on.

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probably right about AGS wanting bots to keep their player count high.

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Imagine that a 2019 game releases on an almost 15 years old engine OMEGALOL

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99% that its you. You are the one and only who met this “bug”. (you can change it with ctrl+scroll)

Well. At least half (or more) of the endgame users did RMT at least once. AGS cant just do a Thanos and kill the game, but at least they should draw a line or something.

If AGS would ban every bot and RMT user then there would left maybe 10-30k concurrent player.

dont see those issues in KR

The NA version is still in beta.

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lost ark has more bots than players.

with the update coming just watch.

on wednesday into thrusday you’ll see 70-120k daily active players because the flagged bots get banned.

after 24-48 hours though it shoots back up to 150-200k then eventually 300k+ daily active players once they find a work around.

we have more bots than daily active players currently.

why hasn’t NA gotten a merge yet with NAE having 15 servers?

to house the bots because they can’t merge NA servers if bots can just flood servers if we knocked it down to 4.

I am confident in saying 4 servers is enough for the current daily active players in NAE.
But they need 11 extra servers just for the bots.

think about that

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This game has endless problems for sure but as for botting that’s one thing that is hard to blame them for. People will find a way to bot a game if 1. it’s popular and 2. their is a lot of profit to be made. The fact there are more bots than ever shows how much money they are making still today from rmt. It’s also a really dated game with a terrible out of date security system, easy anti cheat really lol. and it’s created with a super old engine. The older a game and older the software the easier it is to bot that’s just basic knowledge. Something as mainstream as unreal engine and the facts it’s so out dated you could only compare to something like runescape and java for being so incredibly easy to create scripts for that anyone could bot it. I’m pretty sure someone completely brand new to scripting could create a bot for lost ark for how ancient it is.

They should be targeting the gold buyers more than a hopeless and clearly failing battle against bots but look at them. “you rmt 2 million gold your penalty is a 3 month ban be a good boy next time” I have never seen such lax and weak penalties against rmters in any game ive ever played before. Meanwhile people are getting perm banned for using a vpn though. Anyway if you think lost ark will ever be free from bots you know absolutely nothing lol. It’s impossible. The only time bots will decrease is when the game dies further and there is no one buying gold. Until there are no customers they are here to stay.

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I could go ask on KR and send a ticket to see what the issue with this is, it in inconvenient for sure.

Never had this issue.

LOA Global == Bot Ark. never had this issue on KR.

There’s a weak system that reimburses entry on raids, but it’s definitely not the best. Afaik in case someone dc’s, if the group cannot clear the raid (ie. stop raid), then entry is reimbursed. Not sure about Chaos Dungeon, might have to send a ticket for this. Not sure how global handles their tickets, this is on the publisher.

Definitely a game dev issue, afaik it’s related to load handling.’
Edit : I see comments saying it’s because of UE3, my experience with a game upgrading from UE3 to UE4 didn’t make this a whole lot better so i’m still putting my vote on game dev issue, but the upgrade could help in other ways i’m sure.

This is a publisher issue.


  1. This is a mix of game dev and publishing issue. Not sure how true that publisher does not have the tools to handle bots is true but it is what it is, and can assume that game dev is not providing the proper tools to handle bots. However it’s not apparent that publisher is doing the best they could when you see bots running around every single day. Not a day skipped so far for me.
  2. This is also a cultural issue. there’s a western appeal to cheap gold purchases, even though they know it’s obviously distributed by gold “obtained” by bots.
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You forgot this nonsense.



I hate that with all my soul

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Finally can afford 999 stacks of destructions stones, game does not allow it. KEKW


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