Is Matchmaking completely broken or am I just totally unlucky?

Hey everyone,

I just wanna share my experience starting ranked PvP last week and what happened to me, and see if anyone can relate to this.

I think I am an average PvP player, nowhere near the top, but I am also not a complete newbie. I understand stagger cc and SA immunity, as well as having a good vision at positioning in the arena.

However, I kinda lost 8 of my last 10 games, due to the fact that my teamates are just basically inexistants in the game (I am sitting at 1500 MMR as I just started), whereas in the opposite team the other 3 players are playing “correctly” and doing things. I found myself playing with a sorcerer, then a paladin, that gets a Battlefield Score of 300-500 (basically being AFK in the arena…) - My assumption is just that some people just join ranked games to get PvP rewards cause they’re just interested in honning materials, and I find it extremely frustrating.

I am just surprised that I always find people in front of me that seems to play in team, whereas the one in mine are basically wanking around.

Your toughts ?

There is a degree of rng but if you are of higher rank you will climb. Battlescore doesnt really mean much either, just keep playing 1500 isnt far off where avg will fall anyways.

Yes, there is a degree if RNG and the degree is 100%. The worst PVP in existance.


No you are just not good.

Matchmaking is garbage.

It’s absolutely fucking broken. I have never had a team that wasn’t a pair of apes. It’s always fucking 2 bronze vs 3 gold.

The PvP mechanics themselves are broken too.

Glad I’m not alone in this case. About the PvP meca, it is what it is, I guess the more we play the more it will be easier to understand them. I’m ok to accept that I got beaten by better players who understand / play with the mecanics the way they’re designed.

But losing a game because I got 2 completely retarded monkeys playing with me all the time ? hell no -_-