Is my server dead?

I’m on Adrinne - US East and just attempted the Punika chaos gate at 11:00 PM EST and there were only 2 other people there. I was in there for over 15 minutes with them before realizing we clearly weren’t going to complete it in time so I left (I’m a Bard, not sure what the other players were). I remember playing around launch and was easily able to get a full group regardless of level. Is this content just irrelevant now so people don’t bother or is the server just dead?

there will always be straggler instances if you entered right before disappear

I was there like 7 minutes before the event started and entered right away.

btw you can song of escape out and try again the next hour if you haven’t attacked any bosses yet. The main problem is that most players are doing the South vern chaos gate these days, so the Punika one will be fairly empty to begin with.

This basically, almost everyone has a 1415+ char now

Due to it being literally free to get a 1370 char, especially with hyper express and power pass. And it not even being that expensive to get to 1415 especially with the books you got from express. Majority of players are now doing south vern chaos gate.

i had queued for like 5mins for normal abyssal dungeon,this would never happen a week ago.
so ,what have happened during this week?

Same reasoning as post above, less players running oreha normal due to it being free to hone any character from 0 to 1370 from just power pass and express event alone in less than a week