Is NA currently down?

Is it just me or is NA down?

If it’s just me, not a problem - but wanted to check is all.

server maintanance

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Oromasdes has gained a level: +1 derp.


Does someone know eta for maint?

Tweet mentioned up to 2 hours from 1:00am EST.


Ty 4 info @zader

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For full reference: [Downtime] Closed Beta Hotfix

Start posting these updates on Twitter real time if possible.


I made a mistake, I missed the post; oof, my life is over, I should tell my kids good luck for the rest of their lives, because their father doesn’t read Twitter.

Thanks bro.

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Not gonna Lie, The date says November 6th, it’s currently the 7th am, It’s also 6:11 am at the time of this message. There isn’t a time location in the post, Just said 1am on the 6th which again was yesterday not 5 hours ago.

indeed, please be more precise about downtime time and Date.
i didnt expet 2h downtime during the day…
For Paris is was supposed to be from 6AM to 8AM and we are now at 12AM and still maintenance…

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Getting the time wrong is pretty common, but the date!? I think New World tells us, you can’t re-write history…

No worries the time skipping servers ingame are coming

There was a maintenance from 6 to 8, this is another maintenance for today. This time there is not ETA, at least not yet.

This is not part of the scheduled down time. This is currently a hotfix to patch (probably) the bugs from the 2 hour maintenance.

That clears alot of this wrong information up. Is there a post or tweet about this somewhere?

I usually use this website to check the maintenance schedules?? Lost Ark Beta Downtime: Performance & PvP improvements - Lost Ark Hub

no ETA when time is so limited for the beta is pretty much MEH, thats all i have to say.

Nothing more than this