Is NA currently down?

Ty 4 info @zader

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For full reference: [Downtime] Closed Beta Hotfix

Start posting these updates on Twitter real time if possible.


I made a mistake, I missed the post; oof, my life is over, I should tell my kids good luck for the rest of their lives, because their father doesn’t read Twitter.

Thanks bro.

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Not gonna Lie, The date says November 6th, it’s currently the 7th am, It’s also 6:11 am at the time of this message. There isn’t a time location in the post, Just said 1am on the 6th which again was yesterday not 5 hours ago.

indeed, please be more precise about downtime time and Date.
i didnt expet 2h downtime during the day…
For Paris is was supposed to be from 6AM to 8AM and we are now at 12AM and still maintenance…

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Getting the time wrong is pretty common, but the date!? I think New World tells us, you can’t re-write history…

No worries the time skipping servers ingame are coming

There was a maintenance from 6 to 8, this is another maintenance for today. This time there is not ETA, at least not yet.

This is not part of the scheduled down time. This is currently a hotfix to patch (probably) the bugs from the 2 hour maintenance.

That clears alot of this wrong information up. Is there a post or tweet about this somewhere?

I usually use this website to check the maintenance schedules?? Lost Ark Beta Downtime: Performance & PvP improvements - Lost Ark Hub

no ETA when time is so limited for the beta is pretty much MEH, thats all i have to say.

Nothing more than this

Oh, it shows the wrong section of the post. The last one is for this new maintenance. There just aint any information about the duration of this downtime.

I assume it’ll take up to two hours like the last one did?

Lets hope not. I already went through New World maintenance circus, I’m losing my mind with these amazons maintenances.

Servers are down for fixing issues

haha never started New World but trash how they don’t give us a duration for the update zzzz