Is new boss & cube merge coming with artist next week?

Curious on wheter i should spend all my tickets before its too late.

probably not for a while. We havent even gotten most of the QOL changes that KR has implemented quite a while ago. Biggest one is Chaos dungeon QOL.

I feel you, been waiting for that QOL since forever.

you will find that out when patch notes drop next week

Considering KR only just got it, quite unlikely. But we won’t know for sure until patch notes are released next week.

Do they release those notes before the patch hits?

yes the day before like they done for all previous patches pretty much

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What Chaos dungeon QOL is that? The one people made up because they saw the South Vern maps spawn closer sometimes. There was no QOL chaos dungeon change, that was a myth. If you look at Korean streamers doing chaos dungeons they still get some that are spawning all over the place.

I think ur right man, but im not going thru all the patch notes to find out.

You are probably correct. I thought they are still missing some like aggro feature regardless of the distance they spawn or modified maps to make them smaller. Meh dunno

That sure would be nice.

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