Is pity system always set at 6 fails? Or does it change?

I just watched a video of a Korean player who is sitting at 1590. He explained that his chances of upgrading were 1% (max 2%). Fine. We all knew that was coming. The thing that concerns me greatly is what else he said - It takes 110 attempts before pity kicks in at that level.

110 is a lot more than 6. Is this something we can expect from the NA release too? Do pity chances get worse too as you progress?

It does get worst yes. And that make sense… If honing rate was 1% and pity was 6 attempts… the 1% is basically irrelevant, because the effective rate would be about 15%.

As your rates decrease, you need more attempts to pity. 1-2% rate means the average person would need about 80 attempts or so anyways. So 110 for pity is reasonable.

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Thanks for the heads up. I just figured the 6 fail pity system was designed so that we wouldn’t ever really get “stuck” at a certain ilvl due to bad rng. But I guess that’s not the case.

110 fails way later down the line. Fun times ahead

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Does anyone know how many pities you need to get to 100% at around 1400?

At 1370 it’s 13 if you don’t use any solar mats. 1400 shouldn’t be above 15, but the cost is huge. And 1400 is irrelevant, much like 1355. It’s all about 1415, which is where it gets ugly.


Good to know. Thank you. I only said 1400 because that’s where I’m currently at and I assumed that the next raid would have a 1400 requirement when it releases. Maybe it’ll be 1415 tho if that’s where the next big change comes.

Also that 110 attempts for pity at 1-2% chance each is literally the last upgrade available in KR for an item and is like 1600+ item level or something ludicrous like that lol

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The amount of Artisan Energy(AE) you receive is based on your chance to succeed. Higher chance to succeed means higher AE gains per fail. So using success increase items will push you to pity faster. You can see this when you drag the slider as the AE gain will change.


Thank you all for the useful information. This helps a lot.

1415 for normal mode Valtan. 1445 for Hard mode.

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In general, the further you progress the harder the next step is. There are some breakpoints, e.g. 600, 1110, 1370, etc where you get a short reprieve and some fast progress, but in general everything gets progressively grindier. Honing odds, artisan build up, player exp, roster exp, rapport stages, etc. etc. It’s by design.

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I now understand why people spend thousands of gold on the 3 different materials that increase your success chance. I am trying to up my weapon from 18 to 19 and I noticed that your artisan energy increases drastically by fully juicing your honing attempts. The number they add to the success rate is almost trivial as at max (there is a point before pity where you are always at +15% with full juice) so I know I am going to fail until the pity (as I am at like 85ish % right now) but if I had not been using full solars and the other mats I would not be gaining 6.7 artisan per tap but some other abysmally worse number. I do not have a spreadsheet of cost of solars and the like compared to the cost of greater leaps and destruction stones but I am pretty sure the cost of the juicing mats that give you the artisan energy is justified when you compare to the cost of some additional taps to get you to pity. I wont be doing this for my armor because the cost is absolutely insane. I should have paid closer attention to these numbers as I would have been working on my armor over the weapon.

TLDR- use the 3 upgrade success chance mats on weapon to save yourself a ton of gold in the long run.