Is playing genshin an anticheat violation?

any solution? i love playing both games and i used to do it at same time, now it wont work anymore. maybe running genshin in a virtual machine solves the problem?

Genshin has it’s own AC thingie so it will always conflict with EAC unfortunately once it detects it; It won’t go away ( keeps giving malformed etc messages on your Lost ark ) and when you close the game goes security violation lol.

The only way to fix that is to restart your comp I haven’t been able to play the two without issues.

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If i already started genshin i cant start lost ark, EAC error message is ‘please close myhprot2 before starting the game’ and if i start lost ark first, genshin impact launcher may open but if i hit play nothing happens. i wonder if its a anticheat violation for any of these games playing one of them in a virtual machine, also i dont know if it would work if i do this. this is so sad since i literally bought a nice spec pc so i would start any game i want at the same time, then it happens with my two favs :frowning:

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i have the same problem and i cant even send ticket to EAC support, i even ask other friends to send but they also cant do that, look like EAC blocking ticket sending or something, imagine have a strong pc but cant play both game to save time


Lost Ark now prents Genshin Impact from running after it starts, and refuses to start if GI is open

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it’s EAC’s fault, but genshin has telemetry so no wonder it’s blocked. EAC is an anticheat, bots learned to farm grudge books with damage hack.

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Can’t they(EAC) simply whitelist Genshin?

I could play both at the meantime before the Vykas update, so there was something new added to EAC in LA. I heard New World uses EAC too, but there is NO conflict.

October and they still haven’t fixed this problem, I just can’t play both games at the same time. Fantastic