Is playing via remote desktop banned?

I was traveling for work and all my circle of friends talking about the new hyper express event allow new ilvl 1370 character so easily.

Tempted, I tried to remote desktop back to my home pc (from my ultrabook that doesn’t able to handle lost ark apparently) and used the punika pass on a new character.

After the trixion cutscene, half way going through the standard G spamming, I got kicked out of game by the EAC, citing “Botting tools detected”.


Risky as hell… if you want to play remotely you can do so legitimately using GeForce now.

Even works on phones if you’re into that… though without a controller the controls are pretty clunky.

In addition to the above mentioned by @Bluecogs, Steam also has Remote Play built in that you can use to play remotely, without a price.

Just install Steam on your laptop and log in to your account. You can read more about Steam Remote Play and how to use/enable it here.

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did u get banned or just a warning :open_mouth:

just a warning, i had my wife checked the account at home.

@Puzzleous the remote play sounds interesting, will give it a try.

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Would you happen to know if it makes the game more playable on a weaker pc. Lost Ark barely runs on my laptop, wondering if Remote Play on my desktop can make the experience smoother on the go.

Yes, it should make it smoother, as long as you have a decent enough internet connection.

Remote play will use your desktop’s hardware to run the game and stream it via internet to your laptop.

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