Is PVP made by people?

I can’t figure it out. Every time it was 2V3, I complained about that teammate every time. But why do you still match this person as a teammate every time !!!
Is PVP made by people ?

There are only two 3V3s for 10 games. The others are 2V3. There is no 3V2. The last 1V3 game, I personally played 700000 injuries, and my teammates played 400000 in total. I have always been in 1V2 1V3, and my teammates have not helped control or helped relieve control once. It’s a disgusting match !

This is a competition? Or buy lottery tickets?

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Yes, of course. No matter how vehemently I disagree with the apparent decision to cease any support of their PvP system, I can guarantee you it was made by people. Most likely, the passionate folk that made it possible have already left the company or been driven out, as the present company leaves much to be desired.

Maybe we’ll hear an apology and great news to come for the scene in LOA ON. Probably PvP will die.