Is quality upgrade also gambling? So why Yoz

Removing Yoz cuz of gambling why can’t you remove quality upgrade thing and make it same chance of getting higher quality like Argos’ equipment?

Yeah, quality upgrade the most disgusting thing in the game.

Difference being you gamble with gold, while legendary skin boxes were royal crystals.

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100% agree, but still gambling is gambling

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Because it’s important to prevent inflation… U always need some sort of goldsink to get the gold out of the game. If u get everything super easy u will stack lots of gold and if everyone has 100 million no one has u know ^^.

Just press the button until it’s atleast blue qualy after that never touch it again until u have everything like 11x10 gem 2x 12 engraving full accessories and stuff. It’s just not worth it.

Yoz’s Jar = An entire item that you have or don’t have.

Quality Upgrade = Upgrade an item that you already own. You still have the item afterwards if you fail.

This is one of Stoopz’s trash tier takes and it’s completely nonsensical. The two systems are completely different in every respect.

I’m always short on golds :frowning: I can’t feel the way of goldsink where you need to get the old out of the game. 10 times with remaking it and quality upgrade, I end up 40.

The jar is purchasable with blue crystal wym?

Yeah, the blue crystal

OK. The point still stands though that with the Jar you get a completely new item or you don’t, whereas with quality upgrades you already have the item and just upgrade it same as any other MMO.

Yeah, you right but still gambling unlike you upgrade your armor or weapon you will get energy and stack up to 100%

Just press the button until it’s atleast blue qualy

That’s the thing…I spent like 50k so far, got 4 relic pieces and highest one is 59 quality.
Today I finally got an upgrade, from 50 to 53. Just ridiculous. Some kind of pity must be in place. Even if it’s 100k per piece.

But if you don’t you will get your piece back

Exactly, there is no pity in Yoz’s Jar. You will spend hundreds of dollars on average, even over $1000 with bad luck to get the set you want.

The game is designed around alts. If u play it regularly and u have at least 6 chars u will get out of ur gold shortage in no time :grin:

No you get a amount of cloth back if you disassemble the epic item, but not as much as you put in.

Yea it helps recycle old skins hence indirectly a gold sink

I feel u. My wep started on 2% after 35k its at 79% now (jumped from 56 to 79)

2 of my mates got 90% qualy with like 2 taps. But w/e some ppl are just born lucky.

We definitely need some kind of guaranteed on how many times of fails for both quality upgrade or Yoz just to be fair instead full RNG

100% agree, Im born unlucky. never had over 60 quality on my relic

Pity on quality would contradict the “u keep ur qualy thingy” iirc u only have to ubrade ur qualy once and always take it to the next gear right?