Is Rowen ever gonna be fixed

It’s been like 2 months since Rowen is out, red team is always still full (of coomer needing the open jacket for boobs), rowen event often fail for the blues as they are always overwhelmed by 3 to 4 time their number, new rowen battlefield is always 15 blue vs 48 red, and that’s every single day of every single week. I tried different day, different time to try to do the weeklies but it’s always the same.

So is Rowen just gonna be get late get lost you’re lock with the losing blue team forever or?
Can’t we just do a fix, like adding more clothes to the skin so the coomers aren’t interested in it anymore, or like just adding a system that lock either faction when it becomes too big compared to the other one?

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No. Buy out the shop and never go there again.

Afaik it already exists. Hence all the people whining they were “forced” into particular faction week one.

People still do Rowen after 2 months?

Edit: serious question.
Rowen was dead in KR after one day, because people were fed up getting ganked by whales, unable to scratch them.

pple will grind slowly for the shop stuff, i see some pple doing that, may take months for them

It’s no coincidence that Summoner, an original KR class, was released one patch before Rowen.

This content was specifically designed for a tiny subgroup of whales – the same ones who bought into Diablo Immortal. The players who want to go 50-0 in a PvP match using an insurmountable advantage.

Balance and fun for everyone was never part of the design. In fact it is intentionally the opposite. They put insanely valuable rewards behind these non-equalized PvP events because they know players would not participate otherwise. The 1590 Summoners need fish to eat or they shut their wallets.

im a deathblade and i do just fine in rowen, yall just dont build right. fun fact summoners die really easy when you get on them

Ok but we’re not talking single player experience here, we’re talking faction experience.