Is server still down?

keep saying server region is down

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Come hang out on discord, here you will see live updates :slight_smile:

One more hour (for now)


New time is estimated to be about an hour from this reply for servers to be up.

Yes. Has been down all day long. They don’t know if they are able to bring servers back online. They don’t offer refunds.

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You can use the following link to check server status.

At moment the list is blank because all servers are down. When they are back you will be able to see the server name and a green check mark.


Refund for what? Its a free game lol

Compensation would be really nice, for example gold, you couldn’t collect any gold at the time :frowning:

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It’s not free. There is a cash shop and the only reason you are allowed to login and play without paying is because…you are the product my friend.

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does anyone know when the servers will be back online?

No. Even if they come and say now “one more hour” nobody will believe them. Historically they never been accurate.

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“Lost Ark respects your time” - stoopzz


ok so keep checking back :slight_smile: thanks

I am just logging on for the morning, but the latest update is that servers should be up around 10:30 AM PT, approximately 45 minutes from now.

too many false alarms on discord

Welcome to the jungle :tiger:

I’d rather they take time and fix things properly.

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we’re going to sleep here soon :frowning: would have liked to have done something else in the game :slight_smile:

I can login for free and never spend a dime. Free. Its not that complicated.

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You have to pay for that Internet bill.

100% P2W.