Is SG ok with some classes being clearly better than others?

I was thinking if SG and in general, the player base, is ok with some classs being clearly overpowered comparing to others. The main example here is Igniter sorceress, which can achieve a ceiling damage extremly high compared to other classes to the point some raid compositions play around her just to buff her crit or damage when she ignites.

Sorceress has been this way since relese, more than a year and no significant change has been made to her so I guess SG is just ok with her state even though its clearly better than others classes such as Hawkeye, glaivier, scouter, SH… who are below and generally tend to get very little buffs like if they were scared that they became tier S.

Sorceress is just an example, there are other overpowered classes, but in my opinion is the most clear example because it has been this way by a lot of time.
So my question is, does SG and the comunity just accept that some classes will have a significant higher ceiling damage than others?

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Short answer is yes


TLDR SG should do something very simple → remove DR and replace it with invincible so sorcs/other meter classes/stack classes (Surge db) can’t use that to abuse their classes execution in real raids

what’s the point of having DR instead of invincible can someone explain to me?

even during dr during stagger checks don’t l’et people get stacks/meter off of it

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Yep i want my Surge nerfs and Open weakness nerfs reverted. Enough of nerf after nerfs to my DB. Just buff the weakest one instead of nerfing proper specs.

na my suggestion isn’t to nerf surge. I just said remove DR and replace it with invincible :slight_smile: how is that a nerf?? Everyone is doing no damage to it

some classes are just abusing a mechanic thats a design flaw in a game. it’s nerfing your actual damage

I m very happy with my DB, don’t get me wrong. My point was instead of nerfing strong specs just tweak the weak ones.

ya but my suggestion isn’t a nerf at all - keep everything the same. its just changing a boss mechanic to change damage reduction phases to invincible

in other words do you think its intended that sorcs are able to build a full igniter bar during DR phases while other classes barely get any damage output/can’t really prep much

Well i got your point, i can only “agree” if they freeze my stack ramp up duration if i can’t do it. Most spec chars are suffering due to frame of mechs jumping.

There your answer, SG don’t nerf class because of the max potential or ceiling.

They literally tell you why they nerf or buff classes. If you actually read the developer note in the balance patch

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then you just surge earlier if u know its coming up at lower stacks. thats how surge was supposed to be played but this stupid mechanic for some reason allows basically “free extra surges” that shouldn’t exist in theory

a boss during DR should not be able to benefit some classes significantly more than others

Well if i m not mistaken most classes are filling or doing something on DR phases as well. For example Paladins and Bards filling their gauge.

ya - surge blades get a full surge

igniter sorcs get a full igniter bar

re blades get a surge

shadowhunters prep their next transformation

shock scrappers wait on cds and refill shock meter (which is intended for DR - cds)

but for meter/stack oriented classes where everything is focused on 1 skill/identity (igniter/surge) don’t you think its a bit broken?

burst oriented classes that rely on meter (spenders), etc. benefit way more from stacking on DRed phases

SG addressing this will probably fix a bit of the benefits of certain classes in this game… without actual class balance. Cause its clear SG braindead in balancing probs only looks at trixion and not in raid execution

Then entropy class would be nerf to the ground.

Such a bad take

Also you do realize SG tell you how they decide to balance thing right ? You literally don’t have to guess

Yeah no they do not. They literally tell you in the KR balance patch and in LOAN their philosophy on balancing class

I know it weird to be wrong but don’t have to go to personal attack


There shouldn’t be a such thing as a bad or shitty class in PvE MMOs and yet there is always some classes that get utterly shit on or are so built endgame heavy that the rest of the time before that point playing it is a fucking shit show. This is a consistent thing and it’s not something I will ever understand. Thinking about Code Nemesis in Elsword, Void Monk in Kritika, Destroyer in BnS, Br and Gu in PSO2, Fi for the entirety of PSO2. Some of these classes use to be good or even fucking busted, but then they got hit so hard with nerfs that the class became irrelevant and incomparable to others then never got following compensation buffs. Some might’ve gotten them later, or be like Fi and never get them or Br and get them at the end of the games life span. Hell Fi needed to be cleaned up gameplay wise so they could participate in the games raids, but got dusted instead, I don’t know how it is in NGS, could be better, but that shit doesn’t matter when the game is dead lmfao.

I guess yea like what can I do about it. I just recently found out that my main FI WD the non AM build has trash dps and one of the worst. And there has been 0 changed to her only on the Eso side which is overpowered more so on 4 spender entropy. So imma just be content with my new 6x Artist roster

Lol @ people complaining about dr. If it’s not dr then people will complain about bosses being invincible and how cd reliant classes get too much advantage. There’s always going to be something to complain about.

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Except they specificlly came out and said they DONT do this. No balancing “based in trixon numbers”

They discussed their methodology and said a lot of it is based on actual real player performance in real raids.

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Not sure if this was mentioned, because I only skimmed, but the way Smilegate balances will disappoint you if you’re playing a class that doesn’t do as much damage as the others.

Rather than balancing around the reasonable (read: “decent” player) ceiling of the class, they balance around the median.

Unfortunately, a lot players aren’t very good, knowledgable, or willing to invest time and effort to maximize their damage. So what happens is that this crappy damage gets averaged in with the big boy damage, and it waters it down. We’ve all seen hilariously bad Arcana, Igniter, Surge, etc running around getting “cool fighter” when they should be MVP, or at least fighting with another meta class for MVP. You’ve seen whales with all level 10s and insanely high gear getting crushed by people several levels below them.

The game is balanced with these guys in mind. So what tends to happen is that the meta gamers find the ins and outs of classes that pump, and they pump. Meanwhile, you’re pumping your heart out on a scouter and you just can’t touch a good Shock Scrapper because the ceiling and floor of the class averages out far closer than the two ceilings of each respective class.

Your best bet is to get on the meta train and learn a class that cranks. People mock tier lists, and laugh, and say don’t take them seriously, etc, etc, and yet; every streamer who’s attempted to make one tends to have the same classes at the top. Pick one of those.

I’ll just put this here which I responded to another post.

Igniter isn’t OP in raw damage, boss design makes burst strong.