Is smilegate really doing something about this issue?

ahh 7AM PDT
AMONG OTHER THINGS. the developers of this game doesn’t do anything at all. just empty promises. CM’S: “OHH we are trying our best” no you are not doing a single thing except making empty promises like duhh.

its very obvious what’s happening now. just get this God Daym Game Fix. and dont tell me “WE WILL DO OUR BEST” i seen that line 1000x already everytime u guys replying about the issues we are having. WE ARE PAYING CUSTOMERS YOU KNOW. WE DESERVE TO GET OUR MONEYS WORT. NOT THE BOT GETTING THEIR MONEYS WORT. FFS JUST DO SOMETHING ALREADY.

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They chose to fight against the infinite power of computers instead of fighting mere humans.

Wrong choice.


Well they can easily perma ban bots but they chose not to. They control everything in your account -they can delete/recover your characters!

2 reasons


Failure of New World

Reported the queue problem for months, till now they still didn’t do anything.
Players are quiting the game.

Yeah I am confused on how the past few days I have gone from being able to log in quickly, to now waiting over an hour to log in lol

Once they fixed the bots. AGS will be a failure of Amazon and they don’t want that to happen

ANY FREE GAMES recomendation boys? i made up my mind. gonna delete all my 3 chars. and forget about this company completely. i had enough.

CM in this forum cant do shit on whats happening in the game all they can do is collect information from the players on this forum summarize it and pass it devs.
They are just a bridge for communication.

Easy answer.

They took actions against bots.

Bots needed more bots to be able to make the same income.

In the meantime, FOMO from Vykas, basically allowed RMT, led people to get into RMT or just buy more. Increasing the amount of bots needed to supply them.

Now players cannot log in anymore.

Human mind truly is fascinating.



not really I guess, they need the big numbers

Obv Not or do you Not have Queue anymore?

Yeah they are bragging about their 800k+ concurrent “users”.

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yeah i don’t have a que @ 5pm PDT :smiling_face_with_tear:

yo they did do something, they did VPN bans which locked out real players, they removed sources of gold income so now it’s even more of a struggle to hone gear, i’m sure they’ll come up with something crazy to fk us real players even more

dont wry though they’ll release some nasty skin no one wants and drip out classes to the few remaining players left in the game lol