Is the 'Death Approaches' card set viable?

I’m about 5 cards away from 20-piece awakening for this card set, those 5 cards being Chaotic Zaika, and I’ve been wondering if status ailments in this game counted as debuffs. Like, from a destroyer for example: on hit. Foe defense -12.0%.

Edit: I’ve done some testing in trixion and card set works for destroyer’s defense reduction. boosted my consistent 21m’s to 22.5m’s. But I’d still stick with my crit rate card set for Destroyer. Just wanted to know if this status ailment counted as stuff like defense reduction.

Not really, just stick to the usual meta:

  • PVE (non-raids): Romanticist 20
  • PVE (raids): Lostwind Cliff 12 or Light of Salvation 18 until Light of Salvation 30
  • PVP: We’ll Meet Again 15 + Forest of Giants 15 until Destined Encounter 12+

The developers really need to overhaul the entire card system to make more sets viable (perhaps in specific circumstances or niche situations). There are a number of sets with laughable bonuses (e.g. Fieldboss II 30 set bonus is +4% attack power if not in a party).

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  • Three Umars 15 and Lazeniths 10 If you happen to play Striker and/or Wardancer.