Is the delay because

They just discovered how the new raid is, so they discover Vykas and are tunning the outfit aka censoring?

Just kidding but couldnt resist.

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They are deleting the swimsuits skins files from the patch…

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They are adding artist in!



And the umbrella girl too!!!

More copium!!!

prob theit captcha system is buggy asf

All infinite Chaos Dungeons botters are desperate about CAPTCHAS…eheheh

the captcha that should only annoy players somehow now also pops on server restart and they cannot solve it.

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Told you, 2 more hours to censoring




Your not doing it right its going to be in the middle of the screen like the raid votes


this is off to the side to have maximum coverage of booba

Can we have a COPIUM Helmet in-game as a skin?

They look awesome!

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Aaah yeah good choise :joy:

anyways, 3 gig download 7.5 gig extract

They’ve discovered that Vykas moans and they are deleting every Vykas sound

It is 8.6 for me. wtf? Is it really 3gb for you?