Is the false ban issue still happening?

So a few days ago I heard that if you buy skin on the AH and if the person who sold the skin to you chargeback then your account will get banned. I wonder if that’s still a thing after the update as I’m afraid to purchase skins on the AH.

I’ve purchased some skins from the AH the past week and have had no issues.

If you purchase skins on the Auction House you will be fine, there is not a risk


Didn’t expect you to answer but thank you so much. That’s just what I heard from people I know and those who have posted about the same topic in the forum before the update that if your account got banned then you can’t really use the same account to appeal the ban and you have to create a new one in order to do so and that was the reason why I’m scared.

Honestly, I’d still be worried given how messed up their support is