Is the game dying when the first server merges are made for a 6 month old game

i’m really worried about the future of the game

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What even is this post? I’ve played countless other games that have merged after 1 month. Get a grip…sounds like you haven’t played many MMOs.


it’s more like to prevent regions like EUW to decease, it’s a good thing for the game

Isn’t EUW already dead? Don’t know I just read sometimes some complaints about dead EUW

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The fact is if their region merge come with region merges, it’ll be all good for EU region, otherwise rip EUW

they needed to open many servers due the high interest on the release.
So now, when the hypetrain is gone servers begin to get empty because people see that this isnt their game. Thats just common thing on bigger mmos, its nothing to worry about.


it’s a sign that the community is stabalizing and the need for the large server storage is no longer there

we had 1.5m requests not including bots
server slots are limited
this means that as people quit because the game is not for them some servers go into critically low population
so events like islands and gates become problematic to clear for the remaining population

so servers get merged for the remaining players that are now consistently playing so they can easily complete those events

most mmos merge servers eventually after initial boom of popularity
this is POEs player flow
as you can see player count decreasing at a point has no impact on it’s actual health

also for reference LA had over what 50+ servers? we were spread thin even if we stayed at 1.5m


people flock to high pop servers…there should be more server merges for games like WoW but they’d rather let people pay to get off of dead servers or languish.

you do know game still has more player count then all other mmo on steam?
Obviously they had way more server at release because there was a massive amount of player playing at release 2nd most played game on steam. they obviously had to merge them sooner or later.

Merging EUW does nothing to help EUW. AH and Group finding is already region wide, it makes zero difference if people are on the same server or not.


that’s why i talked about region merge is the 2nd post

40k players that are divided by the 60+ servers ?
That’s like 600+ people per server, great ammount ^^
Rest are pure cpu’s fishing around - you know what I mean.


It’s not 100% dead. There’s more than enough people still playing at most peak and close-to-peak times, meaning you can do literally every content without too much trouble (maybe you wait a bit more for people to join parties and raids, but yeah… outside of that, it’s fine).

The problem is actually outside of peak times and especially guilds and guild content. Since each server lost a lot of its population, there’s a huge gap between super active-guilds and average active ones. And due to the increasing size of slots for members (with Levels), practically every big guild is huge in comparison. People just end up concentrating on those over time, while the others die off slowly, even if mostly active.
So for EUW, this means there’s only 1 or 2 big guilds per server that have no competition from other guilds, even if active ones.

Anyway… TLDR: server merges will help with the guild stuff for sure, creating more competition and constraining the feeling of the servers seeming empty.
Apart from that, I think only Region Merges can fully recover the state of EUW

im speaking about this MMO not others

When the game first launched the influx of players made everyone complain about server instability; which is rightfully a problem and AGS somewhat fixed it by adding more servers. Now that all the player count has stabilized and a server merger is needed to keep overworld content populated but now you guys are saying the game is dying because of it. Ironically the game won’t die if all of you keep posting complaints every 3 seconds and logging in to do your dailies and weeklies. So now you all know what to do if you really want the game to die.

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No? The game launced with TOO many servers, and they opened additional servers due to huge player traffic the first few weeks.

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I’m curious what answer people are looking for when they make these type of posts.

If the playerbase is declining, so? Are you having fun? keep playing! If not stop playing its that easy!

people literally said that EUW is gonna be a dead region a few weeks after release when the hype dies down, everyone expected it, the only ones that joined that server just never went to this forum or reddit to see people talking about it, what a cringe thread

I would say server merges are fairly common in MMOs, and aren’t generally an indicator that the sky is falling or anything. I did server merges for a different MMO I worked on, some… 5 years ago now? And that game is still up and running with consistent updates to this day.

Sure, our playerbase has declined from our launch (which was absolutely massive) but is still very healthy. When the game launched we had to open as many servers as possible as well as the entire Europe West region to accommodate for the huge flood of players into the game, but now that time has passed we’re really settling in with that stable audience.


I think current version is dying, simply because the amount of players leaving are not replaced by significant new blood. MMOs tend to grow bigger with time not shrink especially in a short time period of 6 months.

This game covers the biggest two markets in the world, US and EU. A small country Korea, compared to these two huge markets has double or triple our playerbase.