Is the game dying when the first server merges are made for a 6 month old game

Data never lie, the game is on a constant decline for a few months now. If you want a long lasting MMO then I suggest you switching to other games


Its not a theory, I asked a question, stop avoiding it because you’re wrong. answer it.

Oh It is again 1 week before big patch time?
Oh yeee “Game is dying/dead” post :slight_smile:

For realz guys,

Shadespire will merge into Rethramis

Petrania will merge into Tortoyk

Tragon will merge into Moonkeep

Stonehearth will merge into Punika

South America

Kurzan will merge into Agaton

Prideholme will merge into Vern

Yorn will merge into Gienah

Feiton will merge into Arcturus

Central Europe

Sirius will merge with Sceptrum and become Starlight

Thaemine will merge with Procyon and become Lazenith

Nineveh will merge with Beatrice and become Twilightmist

Brelshaza will merge with Inanna and become Balthorr

12 servers will merge into 6 THATS 12 servers out of 58? Wow rly game dead. I had seen WOW servers more dead than LA servers, atleast we get changes in relative good time not once every 6 months, and you dont even need to pay subscription every month (in difference to other mmo that does shitpatch every 6 months)

Trust me I am no AGS/SmileGate lover, but for the value they are providing with this game you wont get shit in other mmos.

Agree Sir, Value is too high and comes with shitty system run by bots and other MMOs have bots but never seen such a shit show.

I hope u are joking.

There are plenty of reasons to do it
FE in WoW this happend years ago
There are tons of servers in WoW that had 100k players because the best guilds played here and people transfered here to join the best raiding guilds and 10k players on servers who didnt really give a …
So they merged 3 servers like 10k 20 k and 18k into one so its not empty

New World has 25k viewers than Lost Ark 12k viewers on Twitch. Double the viewers.

Guess we know the game AGS sees value in.

Oh but Iron Man rip off with more dailies will surely boost the viewers back right.

Imo it was obviously that they wanted to milk $ as a publisher with lost ark a reallocate a part into NW portfolio

Call me but crazy but… i have no doubt NW will outcarry Lost Ark during 2023 (not a NW fan there and still play LOA a lot)

**This is only a personnal overview and not a fact

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There are MMO’s out that with less players and those still get updates. As long as LA KR is making money keeping NA/EU alive makes sense. Having 10k active players in EU/NA is plenty. GGG initial target was 10k players which would cover server cost for PoE + devs to work on the game. LA dev work for NA/EU is small considering most the work was done for the KR version.

How do RU/JP comapre?


From what i have seen so far since I have gone back to new world i can’t disagree with you there.

I’m guessing AGS realised that because NW has no daily or weekly caps on activities, people will come back to it if they invested more towards it.

At the minute i play Lost Ark on reset and then the next 6days i just log in to register with my guild so i don’t get kicked as i need the guild store

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i do the same, rush weeklys day 1-2 after reset then log off to play something else, f the dailys

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I mean she could have said WoW, SWToR, FFXIV, or any other massive AAA mmo that had had to deal with poorly populated servers. People tend to migrate to the busiest servers. Look at WOW Classic right now. Massive queues on major servers while others are on the brink of shutting down.

Every game calls it something different but the end desired result is always the same: Keep servers at a healthy population without taxing the corporate pocket or having dead pop servers that impact player game play.

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