Is the power pass still in conversation?

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Soooooooooooooo, Power pass?

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you will know 1 day after the update


How do you know?

Cry louder until you get your way, it worked for glaiviers. :joy:


because after the update you will know whether the update contained a power pass. considering how fast they are publishing patch notes, the patch notes release after the patch lol


Oh, I thought you meant something else mb

Has there ever been a question posed to Roxx where the answer wasn’t what people wanted to hear but they actually shut up and let it die?

Seeing a pattern here. The GeForce NOW thread went on for literal months. People asking for a heartbeat on the roster-bound material change when all Roxx did was say she relayed it to Smilegate and that it was “well-received” (despite no confirmation it was happening whatsoever), this whole mess with the powerpass, people demanding Artist come out next, etc.

Seens like a no, CM’s aren’t answering if they are hearing us or anything…Even if they can’t even pass it up above or if they did pass it up…They are just actively ignoring this topic altogether…


Doesnt seem like it.

It is still in conversation by disappointed players, but probably not by AGS/SG. They probably never intended to include consecutive powerpasses so close together, and they probably had to revisit it because everyone expected it. The conclusion of that is Roxx confirmed that there will not be one.

Is there a chance we still get one? Maybe, but don’t be expecting anything at this point.

I hope not, unless they actually help people catch up.

It is just kind of annoying tbh because I love destroyer and like I said it is just a little annoying
if this was an issue for scouter or artist i have full confidence in saying EVERYONE would be upset and up in arms

Why is it annoying, if you really wanted to play Destroyer would’ve saved your knowledge transfer or a pass.

I thought we would get another, and the pass said 1 week so I used it and for the kt thing we have 9 ALL other regions have 12

That’s not an excuse when the pass clearly had longer than a month, should’ve just kept it in your storage and you had express event and you saved nothing for Destroyer? People should just admit they jumped on the hype train.

Everyone who used their powerpass and/or express mission prematurely before planning it out, I can agree with.

Those who made plans and didn’t want to main both Glavier and Destroyer probably wouldn’t mind as much. Just know that the pacing for powerpass going forward would probably be able the same too. If classes continue to come out one a month, expect a pass every 2-3 months maybe.

That is fair and I know now but it really said 1 week so I assumed we would be getting another, so I used it on the new class cause let’s be honest who doesn’t want to play a new class it is something fresh and exciting

I don’t, I was waiting for classes I enjoy and if they keep just tossing passes like that when the classes I want to play aren’t here, its just wasted and it makes me want to quit if we assume Destroyer wasn’t going to get released this update.

Roxx stated several days a go we are not getting a Power Pass with Destroyer and in a separate comment said that not every class will receive a Power Pass in the future. As well as no plans currently to add Power passes to the store, but a possibility in the future.

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Funny how people blame players for assuming destroyer will come with a powerpass due to them not saying anything to counter precedence, yet also saying they should have assumed that the feiton powerpass and event was designed or could be used on future classes, even though it was also never stated.

Blaming players while defending 2 multimillion dollar companies who can’t seem to plan or communicate properly.