Is the roadmap going to be released today?

@Shadow_Fox @Roxx any clarification is roadmap coming this week?

we are eagerly keen on waiting for it to appear

I dont think so. End of the week maybe or next week, but I hope I’m wrong.

I REALLY doubt it. Coming back from a three day vacation that they were traveling for. I am betting it comes Thursday at best.

Post made 5 days ago.


“targeted” isnt a fixed date

They also said before June. Which implies today.

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Where did they say “before June” ?

Please. Stop gaslighting me, it really happened.


well, you don’t take an oath on forum posts :slight_smile:

“aiming” XD So the roadmap CAN come today, but its not guaranteed.

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if its coming out today it wont be untill like 9pm cest cause they all work in Na.

anyway if any news of it comes today it will be after around 7pm cest when roxx usually starts posting.

Nothing is ever guaranteed until they do it. The best we can do is supply hard evidence of them actually saying they are gonna do it :joy:

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yes, im just saying dont be surprised when it doesnt come out today :slight_smile:

Ahead of june means before june

So it’s just a bunch of useless communication. Either give the info or doesn’t.
If it’s supposed to be ahead of june, then it’s ahead of june, if it’s not gonna happen, the say “hey it’s not gonna happen”.
This is still a business.

let me check


They just gave a approximately date so we can orientate. That’s normal. They added “aiming” and this underlines, that it can (most likely will) be delayed :slight_smile:

They could keep the meme alive and post the roadmap the month of the start of the same month

Some of you nothing would ever make you happy. I wonder what’s the point of living.

Man gave us an estimate, if we didn’t have any it would be worse as we wouldn’t know if anything at all comes or not. Businesses have more important things to tackle than some impatient nerds. Please go outside and maybe give it till the end of the week. Patch not coming this week so I don’t understand your need for this information. Nothing will change whether you get the roadmap today or not.