Is the west ever going to get the tier 3 tower?

@Roxx I think it is a fair question and I dont understand why noone else is asking it. Didnt Korea get it with Brel NM? Just thinking on the amounts of mats we are not receiving from it to push chars to Brel HM

think so? i really wanna play it

but keep in mind that you won’t be able to complete it
i think the last 5 floors were 1580 or 1600

Quick recharge :star_struck:

I understand that, but other regions have received it and then floors are opened eventuallly



i think the t3 tower will make people feel like clown is crippled

we’ll get half of it with brel hm (up to 1540) & the other half with elgacia (up to 1580) like in KR

yeah they got first 25 floors with brel hm (1490 to 1530) and 26-50 with elgacia (1540-1580)

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i really want to be able to search for this kind of stuff but google is the most worthless piece of shit when it comes to finding any kind of data from korea

where have you read that we are getting it with Brel HM?

And that is partially my point, how much easier would it have been to be able to push to brel HM with the mats from the tower…

from the news post (Brelshaza Hard Mode and Hanumatan aren’t the only content set to arrive on April 12— stay tuned to and our social media channels for the full list of new content, cosmetics, and quality of life updates in next week’s Release Notes.) so most likely we’ll get the half of it with other QOLs

Please don’t spread incorrect information.
KR got the 1st half with Brel Hard Mode, not with Normal Mode.

KR changelog about Brel HM , Hanumatan and T3 1F~25F release

i’ve corrected it but to be fair, memorizer said in his T3 Tower video some days ago that they got it with brel normal, just looked it up again just to be sure.
Maybe he remebered it wrong aswell.

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as a personal advice, you should always double check what streamers say… They are one of the biggest source of inaccurate information sadly…

yeah true, they record those kind of videos while streaming and dont research the dates themself, but tbf its also just a secondary thing the priority is to show what’s upcoming so no hate on him.

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