Is there a honing buff?

Is there a honing buff or am I missing something, patch notes say from 1340-1370 is 100% chance. I’m still getting old honing rates. What am I missing?

What do you mean “old”, you got a screenshot maybe?
Rates are like that for gear ilvl. So if you are under 1370 but your weapon is already +15 which is 1415, it won’t be 100% chance.

I haven’t checked, but maybe it applies to legendary gear, not purple. Legendary base ilvl is that 1340.

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Might be this as well, that you need oreha/argos.
Like relic vs brel gear.

Hm okay I just got to 1340 with blue gear and seeing 50% chance to get to next level but per the patch notes : " * Item Level 1340 to 1370:

  • Honing Success Rate - 100%
  • Honing Material Discount - 60%
  • Leapstone Discount - 60%"

Maybe need oreha/argos gear like someone said above.

25% increased by 100% = 50%

Yeah, it probably applies to 1340 gear. And it’s starting from Oreha and Argos legendary. They really didn’t specify this in patchnotes.

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