Is there a preset that doesn't swap up Inventory?

Some of my characters require two sets of accessories. This isn’t news to anyone with two builds.

However I’ve found once getting into Tripod saving and gem saving it gets pretty inconvenient.

I feel like this would have been a good use of “Integrated Presets”. Have a buy to unlock tab (if needed) that doesn’t take up inventory space and can also swap Tripods on gear.

Maybe a pet feature like refaceting which is probably totally unused.

For what are you building that you need 2 sets of accessories for it?

Gunlancer Red / Blue. I swap often. Red for non group and Blue for raids or grouped.

They use entirely different stats, tripods and gems.
Scrapper / Wardancer does as well. though it’s not as bad. Mostly Tripods/gems for them.

Does it work for character storage? I haven’t tried it with gear, but I keep my preset skins in there and they swap out fine when I switch to a different skin preset

It’ll pull items from your storage but when you swap back it goes to normal inventory.

This really seems like something Integrated Presets should do. Otherwise it saves you like 4 mouse clicks. Half the time I just swap the tabs manually still. I’m just not a fan of key items sometimes ending up in random spots in my inventory.

I will probably end up dropping my Red build even though it’s plenty of fun solo.
Having to go to a vendor to swap Tripods every time is too inconvenient let alone accessories.

Ah that sucks. It’s weird that it works for the skin presets but not gear presets.

Yeah, I haven’t messed with presets enough, but can see how annoying that would be if the items keep jumping around your inventory. Especially since you can’t “lock” items from being trashed (unless I’m wrong) if you are cleaning out your inventory after a few dungeon runs. I’ve seen a few posts of people accidentally breaking down their gear and am guessing that is how it happened.

Yea, I even use different stones for the two.

My Red build uses Brawler right now since things will be facing me and Lance skills are all Front Attack. My Blue build is using Stabilized Status since blue skills hardly use Front Attack.

It’s just… Very inconvenient if you want to play with different aspects of a class.