Is there a way to check who has done the weekly guild task?

Is there somewhere in the game where i can check which guild member has done the weekly guild task and who hasn’t? As i know right now, it only shows who has donated silver.

If you’re trying to find out who is active just look at their contribution score? Does it matter how they contribute as long as they meet your set threshold?

But no, I don’t see a way to check who’s completed. When my guild was young i had to repeat the quest several times to get full completion. You dont get more bloodstones, but you get contribution + guild credit toward the weekly.

Also, if you think you have some freeloaders, up the contribution just a bit to like 150 points and its harder for those barely doing the minimum to get any payout. A simple login won’t get them there.

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in the menu to manage the money weekly rewards, you see how much each did participate. the number is accumulation of ALL :

  1. opening the guild window
  2. money donation
  3. the research help
  4. the guild task

there is no way to see what exactly people did. but the numbers shows all. then easy maths
a day of login + money + research is 45 points, 15 if there is no research (5 from opening window, 30 from research and 10 from donation) A full week with research : 315

I didn’t think of that, i can just calculate from their contribution score and what i already know from silver donations, thanks, it’s a bit of a work around but this’ll work

thanks, didn’t know this, this is new info

as posted above. login + silver is going to get them somewhere just over 100 points for the week. So setting payout at 125 or 150, makes it so if they do the guild they get paid OR…if they research a few times they get paid. I’m personally fine with a player not doing the guild quest but doing daily research.

Any good dedicated player will do it all. They get instant bloodstones, that don’t factor into the guild split. In fact if you do everything you’re probably doubling your bloodstones for the week by instant payouts vs the guild split (depending on guild payout % etc)

I got some info that a lot of korean guilds are 20 guild / 80% player payouts. I’m trying this but I hate to come up short and not able to keep a research going. My research now are costing 47k bloodstones to activate. by not having one going, this costs every player 50 blood stones per day x 7, so 350 for the week to every guild member. (again this is instant payout and not to the weekly pool)

Lot of thinggs to look at. It’s hard to maximize research but also provide bloodstones to the players. This week i’m runniing 30% guild and70% player. We’ll see how it works out. We are about to unlock our 3rd task.

Since start of game, we have averaged 3-4k per person who contributes enough for payout. Would love to see us hit the max of 8K+ but i dont think we will be there for months.

It should be added to the log tbh. A good rule of thumb is everyone completes their intial guild requests of each type for their bloodstone bonus.

This will generally complete the weekly up tp tier 3.

What player doesn’t want 500-530 instant bloodstones? Why would they skip. Everything about the guild is in the best interest for the guild. Including guild leader decisions.

This isn’t New World, where people show up non stop to wars, push faction, pay taxes and only the guild leader makes millions while the rest of the “company” gets nothing in return other then some discounted travel if you won the wars.

If you got players not doing guild quest, They probably are ignorant to it, or they are simply not active players at all (alts) get rid of them when you need room for better players.