Is there a way to get more knowledge transfers?

I’ve been grinding HARD in this game and at launch I made a bunch of alts for a bunch of classes I wanted to play and knowledge transferred all of them to 50. Now that I have a better feel for the game and how I want to play, I went back and deleted my alts to make a bunch of Zerker alts. Once I finished this and brought my new zerkers to my stronghold I learned that knowledge transfer has a 9 use limit, the font is very small and i gurantee a LOT of people don’t see this notice there. Anyways, is there any possible way to increase this limit? I do NOT want to go through the 10 hour leveling process on all my new alts, is there anything I can do?

Hey @wwartick and Welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

At this moment, the Max for knowledge transfers is 9.

We don’t have any details on whether that number will change, so I recommend you to keep an eye at the news section for future updates on this.

I hope this helps you. :smiley:

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Ah damn. Is there any kind of way to UN-delete my alts then? Cause I knew I’d be eating the 600 gold I wasted on the ones I DID knowledge transfer, but now Im stuck with a bunch of level 10 alts instead of 5-6 lvl 50 characters. This is a HUGE setback for me time/resource-wise and I just dont want to feel like im stuck in the ocean without a life vest

I can help you with restoring deleted characters if you need.

Just give me the name of the character, class and which server were they on.

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Ok, since I have a bunch of new characters created and it takes 24 hours to delete, would that be a problem? if not, all my characters are on Mari

Arilliam - Artillerist
Dbilliiam - Deathblade (3 L’s in the name)
Shilliam - Shadow Hunter
Dilliam - Scrapper
Silliam - War dancer

I do really appreciate all the help, and I don’t mean to make this hard, but one of those names has an extra L (I think Silliam but i really dont remember). Thanks again though!

Ok, that’s a bunch :laughing:

I need you to stay offline for a bit while I work on this, please let me know when you’re ready so I can start working on this.

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Yea I thought I found the light and went all out on remaking alts lmao. Im offline now, is there an ETA on when to log back in. I want to reiterate how thankful I am on this <3

Also Dbilliiam is Two i’s not 3 L’s, I got sloppy in naming these, I apologize for inconvience

I’ll start doing it right now, it wont take me much so just stay around. :smiley:

Here’s the thing, I need you to delete some characters in order for me to restore them, are you ok with deleting some so I can restore some?

Let me know how many you deleted and which ones do you want restored.

Any non-302 warrior, I think it’s
Zerkilliam, zerkeilliam, zerkerilliam, zzzilliam, and zzilliam. (guess what class all the alts were gonna me lol)

We can do something then, as the characters need to go trough the 24h deletion queue.

Why don’t you delete all the characters you wont need and then come back so we can restore the 5 you want to get recovered?

Sounds good?

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Come back this time tomorrow? sounds good

oh lmao just realized youre asking me to delete them yea Im on it

Perfect! :smiley:

I’ll see you here tomorrow around this time so I can help you with this! :sunglasses:

Actually, the characters auto-deleted without the 24h queue, is it possible to do it now?

I’ll check.

Please go offline for a bit while a work on this :slight_smile:


Hey, @wwartick.

Log back into the game and tell me if it worked. :stuck_out_tongue:

YES! Thank you SO MUCH. I appreciate it a lot.
Just to clarify though, if I want to level an alt to 50 at this point it would HAVE to be through doing the story grind? And realistically will we get more knowledge transfers anytime in the near future? having 10239i019 zerkers is still the dream

Haha, I’m so happy I was able to help you with this! :laughing:

If you already used your power passes and knowledge transfers as well, the only method would be via grinding, correct.

We do not have any news about increasing the limit for knowledge transfers, but of course we’ll keep you posted on that! :slight_smile: