Is there a way to get the old Map back?

Basically title. The new map is horrendous when choosing triports on a continent. Is there a way to revert the change in the settings somehow? I don’t even understand why you don’t instantly see the area maps anymore once you click on them in the dropdown menu…?


Short answer: No.

Long answer: Your mind probably is tricking you. Selecting Maps from side menu never changed the map. You had to select them from the drop-down-menu at the top.

With the new UI/UX Map update you just need to right-click in the zone-map to get to continent view and left-click the zone you want to watch. 2 clicks to change the map to another zone (as it was before).

I’m already used to it.
To be honest, I never used the triporter/area-list at the side excessively, 'cause I’m more a visual type, so remembering the locations on the map, instead of their names, is way easier for me.

That feature is actually present in the KR version, so might come to us in a future QoL-Update? :thinking:

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I like the new map better , I only wish they add option where you can mark some triports , when your on the continent, for easier porting .
For like when we search for the merchants , so instead of switching to the map first , we can just click on the triport we want from the drop menu, as not everyone member the names.

I personally like the old map and was wondering the same thing. The new one is fine. I just use to the old style. but I guess with time I’ll get use to this one too.

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We still dont have the new new world map, when you click the drop down menu and select a zone, it should change the map to that specific area, for example im in South vern I choose north vern castle area map should change to north vern castle and i can select the triport i want to go to on the map