Is there a way to test/compare tripod?

I know in trixion’s training ground, i can set custom engraving, combat stats and skill points. BUt is there a way to test tripod? As a reflux mage I really need a way to figure out whether to use “magic amplification” or “final strike”. Thanks!

Final strike for reflux, since you’re playing Crit

Magic Amplification is for Igniter version

Break point is 85% crit rate. Below that magic amp does more damage. Above that final strike does, or so I heard.

I saw that in ATK’s video as well, but he didn’t mention if that graph consider the 20% additional damage when entering magic amplification.

You can’t enter in magic amplification stance as reflux, that’s it

Here is the graph by atk, if he did not include the 20% more damage. It means that if crit rate is below 85%, magic amplification is better than final strike.