Is there any dps class that use awakening engraving?

Just curious, got a spec pendant with cursed doll +6 awakening +3

i was told it’s niche offmeta a lot weaker alternative for one of the martial artists

Robussy can use Awakening, but its the +1 in a 5x3. I know dom WD can use awakening to have better uptime on Inner awakening. But not many dps’s use it in actual meta builds. its a niche accessory unfortunately

bt zerker uses
but after the latest patch its no longer the best build, but may be still few who dont want to switch / dont know they need to

No even Esoteric WD would not play Awakening anymore in 5x3+1 or 5x3+2 setup. You may see some esoteric running Awakening2 + Class1 at 5x3 and maybe you can build 5x3+1 with Class3 + Adre3 + Awakening1 so you can invest more into Spec, but I don’t think it’s the meta build.

However be mindful that Dominion-based build such as Esoteric Wardancer can proove annoying in fights such as Brel G6, indeed you’re running out of Awakening charges to keep sustaining your Dominion buff, means you can only maintain your set effect for 12mn without Awakening1 and that may proove to be a major issue. That’s why you may sometime see dominion users playing with Awakening1 engraving.

In any case this accessory will not sell for a lot of gold, sorry.

I have a 5x3 thats CE, Grudge, Cursed Doll, Raid Captain, Keen Blunt Weapon, set Dominion4/Nightmare2. Being that the class itself already hits around 93% crit in trixion I didn’t go for Adrenaline. If I ever think of a 5x3 +1/+2, I was considering awakening but I feel I would just go Adrenaline anyways. Don’t think a lot of DPS would go for awakening, no. Maybe if a budget/fun build? but as stated by others here, yeah I dont think it would sell for much tbh

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