Is there any macrodata on the players in the servers?

I mean is there any webpage or do the devs plan on releasing big data on server active accounts, average hours per player in each server, classes count (number of classes in each server), average mokoko collection completion per server, etc

It would be nice.

oh you should be able to see the class distribution during character creation

but for example it is broken on Kadan… since the pre release so i dont know

I believe berserker is by far the most created class in the game with a 20:1 ratio compared to every other class atm

well bots are at least half of that but yeah zerker , sorc and blade ara like 50% of class population

I have seen the class distribution during class creation but it gives very shallow data. Also i dont even know if the class distribution only counts lvl50 accounts or any account made in game and also just as another comment mentioned there are bot accounts who sell 1000gold for 1$ everywhere XD