Is there any reason, other than greed, for the 1340-1370 zone to exist?

Looking for a ghost ship between 960-1370 was a bit awkward tho…

Its not that the slowdown is bad, the problem is where it’s located. It’s not at the end where it will naturally happen, it’s just placed as a random roadblock at the beginning of T3.

Incompetence. Not sure which one is better tho

I’m stuck at 1360, tío much requeriment of gold for imposible reroll but the game is good and open

and here i thought necromancer wasnt an available class in lost ark.

Yeh, I was really surprised getting a notification on a 2 month old thread.

huh this post is 2 months old wtf

Can say exactly the Same For Not gettin Honing buff

Yeah, all of that is necessary. Because when an MMO game loses all the grinds and they get watered down like WoW did over the years after TBC/WOTLK then the game actually becomes way more horrible. If your ACDC is getting the better off you or you are starting to feel like you’re burning out: Just quit the game. Maybe make a come back later, but my god just switch games

The problem with players not being able to mentally handle the necessary grinds in an MMO and wanting to cheap out of them without paying to skip them (which you can, which is still cheap or let’s say THE cheap way to get through things fast) are just players who can’t get over their own addiction while being burned out. Nobody else is going to handle your own red flags. Get your addiction in control

First of all, this is two months old and I have switched games and am going to wait until maybe the end of the year to come back and progress twice as fast with half the effort and cost. It’s been very nice not trying to keep up with dailies and weeklies and instead just having fun playing games. Might not even come back in the end to be honest.

Second, the 1340-1370 serves no grind purpose other than being a grind. I have already grinded up to 1340 and there shouldn’t be an equally large grind between 0-1340 and 1340-1370. The grind happens at the endgame naturally and shouldn’t have a forced spot. Along with pheons, it makes it so many people don’t bother gearing their characters, other than correct stats, until 1370 where they will actually matter.

Edit: Also marking this as solution so this thread will die off again. I’ve already given up trying to suggest feedback or try to improve the game.