Is there currently a way to report suspected RMT buyers?

I just saw a lvl 60, 180-something roster level Pally w/ full lvl 10 gems. Obvious RMT abuser. Yesterday waiting around for Thunderwings, similar thing. Long-term player RMT’d as much as they could. Is there now any way to report them in a way that an Amazon/SG employee might actually see that report?

Clearly these people haven’t been caught by an automated scan, but the flagrant abuse of RMT is pretty offensive to me as a player who’s been screwed over by their behaviour.

Amazon Web Ticket to report Players

(Copied from CS post)

Make sure to include the following:

  1. The name of the player you’re reporting. If reporting a guild, include the guild name and
    make sure to say you’re reporting the guild.
  2. A description of the violation by either the player or the guild.
  3. The server name where the violation occurred.

Doesnt seem that suspicious tbh. Also people seem to misunderstand how easy level 10s are to get if you gamble your gold. In 2 weeks of dailies/weeklies you can gather enough gold to buy several stacks of level 9 gems and roll the chance to double/triple your money.

Yea, should add, level 60 and roster 180+ is not an indicator for RMT

Full level 10 gems? If he is a paladin, he doesn’t need 5x3 and also does not need to be overgeared in terms of honing, that would leave more gold to spend, but full lv10s I don’t know. Maybe yes, maybe no

Some people play auction house and get so much gold you can’t imagine, and they don’t (actively) do RMT. If some RMT guy buys the stuff, well, can’t do anything about it

If it’s all level 10 CD gems, then there isn’t anything sus

If it’s level 10 damage gems, that’s a bit sus

why is it rmt? you can buy crystals exhange it for gold i really dont understand why it has to be RMT and cant be legit. its players like this worrying about RMT players instead of getting better

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Do you hear yourself when you talk? Obviously no. I can’t say all of them, but I can tell 9/10 of them with all lvl 10 gems and lvl 4 gear skills are RMT.

explain why it has to be RMT? yah i hear myself that’s why im asking why


i think you saw me :slight_smile: if it was a dps pala on brelshaza it was me

The dude can still report if the person isn’t an RMT abuser he won’t get banned

Am I the only one who plays the game and never inspects anyone?


To clarify, I brought up their account+roster info to indicate that they’ve been around for an extended period of time, i.e. not been perma-banned after RMT’ing.


Thank you @Sophomore for pointing a player in the right direction.

I’m closing this thread since there has been an answer provided. :slight_smile: