Is there even any other way to fix this bot and economy problem than a wipe?

As stated in the title,
is there even any other way left ? there is so much gold floating around , we have matchmaking errors all day and queues ontop

It really is offputting the sheer amount of bots, everywhere! Just leveling I see beserkers blinking in and out, running faster than me while mounted, insta shotting all mobs near them…I though this game had an anti cheat system in place? Are there no GMs on each server to handle things like this?

It is beyond obscene! Never have I seen such rampant botting in any game. Yes, all mmos tend to have bots but this is way out of line. I cannot go do a quest without running in to a beserker named jajayazyzy blinking around like a mage and running faster than my mount. Game looks so cheap when this is allowed. Anti chest not really doing its job at all, please invest in anti bot systems. Hell at his point I would not mind a captcha every 30 mins to prove I am human.

just chilling at Zagoras Fortress I reported over a dozen beserkers with stupid names teleporting from npc to npc…come one AGS and Smilegate please fix this

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I personally wouldn’t mind a gold wipe if it meant making the game better.

But only if they get the bot problem under control first. No point in wiping if the bots can just come right back.

Also, you can’t put all the blame on botters. They wouldn’t be botting if people weren’t paying for their services.

If you really want to fix the botting issue, add a CAPTCHA to create a character/login to the server and start IP banning people who are buying gold from these bots.

It’s not a 100% perfect fix, but it’ll do some damage.

I’m sure they will do bans in waves. Can’t wait for the forums to be full of “why did I get banned?” posts from people who bought gold but won’t admit it.

While I wouldn’t mind a wipe, I guarantee it won’t be happening.

But also what would be the point if preventative measures aren’t created first. You wipe the economy and then they continue botting? We need proper solutions. Verified Steam accounts. Captchas. Anything. And we need them yesterday.

Would like to see them do a huge ban wave of buyers. Find the seller account and ban every account that receives gold from it. Send a message. These scummy players ruin every mmo with this garbage and there are never consequences.

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They could alleviate a large part of the issue by removing the gold reward from the tutorial quests and moving Thirain’s first gold reward a level higher. RU had this same problem when Season 2 launched and added these tutorials and they also gave everyone a free boost to 960 GS. You could make a new account and have around 1100g in 20 minutes.

As it stands now, a bot can get to level 27 and make about 520g in 2 hours. I’m actually surprised Smilegate didn’t bring this to Amazon’s attention, when they knew of the potential for abuse, since they had to put out a fast patch to change it for RU about a week after it was introduced like a year ago.

it’s purely design issues, a wipe would just have the issue repeat. There is literally a system in game where people can buy, in the game itself, gold with $$$$. If it is cheaper to buy from bots including the added risk of potentially being banned than buying gold in game than there are huge design flaws in how gold is being generated. It has been stated numerous times on this forum how to fix them, it is obvious what the bots are doing and how they are doing it. It is up to Amazon to adjust the game to the west and western account policies. This has not happened.

what wipe? after spending over 160h in queue so i can finally reach 1k ilvl with matchmaking not working 20 hours a day you think anyone in EU would want a wipe?