Is there some updated spreadsheet to see dps increase by taps, gems, tripods etc?

Hello Im really wondering if I can see somehow how much dps I can get by tapping weapon, how much dps increase I can get by tapping armor or upgrading gem. lets be honest this game is heavily based on smart investments into mains to push them stronger so I would love to see whats the most gold efficient decision right now

DPS is based on personal performance, not taps and itโ€™s always more dps to upgrade weapon or get better gems(both cd/dmg) than anything else(excluding engravings, obv).

โ€ฆ Itโ€™s possible. You just use the hypothetical of minimum/maximum potential damage. I.e. some trixion bullshit. The rest is personal performance on whether you play well enough to get that in a raid. The fuck?

Tripods are the most efficient DPS increase above anything else. You can test it yourself in the Trixion. And then we have Weapon upgrade/Gems (lv 7- 9) > Weapon Quality upgrades > Bracelet Upgrades (Excluding 5 x 3 + 1 that comes in the future, it also depends on what engravings your class can use)

Okay genius, please provide this information.

Pass, Iโ€™m not the op, dunno why you all ignore op to reply to me. If my information is incorrect, just provide what OP asked for, I couldnโ€™t care less about trixion dpsโ€ฆ Zzzโ€ฆ

Yikes. :yawning_face: Then donโ€™t waste your time posting something on this thread.

I only have the one for the 1340 argos gear that was posted on reddit. Gems and tripods are easy to calculate.

I donโ€™t have it so it doesnโ€™t exist. If it does exist then post it because iโ€™m not going to do any work to see if it exists because I donโ€™t know about it so it doesnโ€™t exist.

the main reason why Im asking is simple. my main (tai scrapper) is at point where every possible dmg upgrade costs half a mil so I would like to know whats the most cost efficient decision. thats it

There was a reddit post where someone did some kind of analysis similar to this. Where they showed which tap levels were worth more and what not. The problem is each class is different so things like gems and whatnot may be very huge difference depending on class.

What does your character look like now as far as ilvl, tripods, gems go?

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all lvl 9 dmg gems, all lvl 5 tripods, purple quality on all accesories and armor+weapon, +18 brel weap, +19 hands +17 shoulders so ye. the only options I have rn is LOS 30, lvl 10 attack gems or getting +19-20 weap. I would say all 3 paths are in similar cost.

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I would probably go with better gems because even if they donโ€™t pan out you can always convert it to something else. Armor taps arenโ€™t going to gain you much in comparison to the weapon tap.

I think youโ€™re getting to the point where you should be over what you likely need on anything so youโ€™re just making your numbers bigger.

Adding Engravings and DMG increase on the right side

Upgrading Weapon and DMG increase per tap

Upgrading Armor, grouped by ilvl and last row is sum of 5 pieces, increase per tap

Tripod levels, and approx. dmg increase min/max


Upgrading Accessory from Epic โ†’ Legendary and โ†’ Relic
1 Ring / 1 Earring / Neck / Total 5 pieces

How to calculate e.g. Weapon +15 โ†’ +20


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ye I feel like that aswell. probably purely dps-wise it would be good decision to wait on ancient accs and just reroll to shock with 5x3 1x1 setup and get 2 lvl 10s I guess.

wow thanks. damn that weapon tap is way lower than I expected

Quite easy.

Engravings-> Gems->Tripods-> Weapon Hones-> Armor Hones.

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well I was talking about gold efficient decision. that means gems are definitely not second best option since lvl 10 is like 600k+ and getting tripods or weapon hone to +19 is not even close to that price xD