Is there supposed to be no flotsam (barrels) in the Sea of Procyon?

There is definitely no flotsam at all in the entire left side of the map. It’s been like this for as long as I remember. Is this intended or a bug? Makes it a huge pain to complete thay guild task and also makes sailing in general worse. What’s the point if this is intentional? Seen this brought up before but it’s always ignored. Can we get an answer on this? @Roxx or whoever else.

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You’re right. It’s very annoying for people on the guild quest…

Just do daily sailing coops I had a couple of flotsam during coops

does anybody know if this is the same in KR? Just want to know if this is a bug or intended @Roxx

any chance of getting a dev reply on this? @Roxx

bump any word on this? @Roxx