Is there / will there be enough character slots for 1 of each class?

Is there currently enough character slots to make 1 of each type of character? example : 1 pally, 1 berserker, 1 gunlance, ect.
Also will there be enough slots and or added slots for future characters?

I’m asking because I’d like to play each character to get a feel for them as a raid leader and aswell my own enjoyment. However if there is a cap and we won’t be able too then Id like to map out which characters I’d like to make present / future.

so right now we have 18 right?

and if I am not wrong Korea has 24

edit: so no you wont have enough maybe in 2030


thats unfortunate, thanks for the info man

Seems like there will be 17 classes once destroyer is out and I think there are a max of 18 slots (whether now or will be when the May content update hits) so you could do that for the time being. I would think they would add another 6 slots in the future for those still to be released classes. Wouldn’t make much sense for them not to do that, especially when they’d be making money off those like you that want to have that many characters.

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What you mean 2030? They are at 22 classes right now in KR and we are getting them once a month. At the rate they come out it’ll happen in a year or two since they’ve already got 2 classes in the works with the Femzerk and aeromancer. One more class and it goes over the limits.

Not gonna be playing them all personally so it’ll happen much later for me. Prolly only gonna pick one of each of the genderlocked classes.

I’d expect us to have the full 24 slots well before getting all the classes KR currently has, but at the cadence we’re getting classes we may not necessarily have 24 slots before we have more than 18 classes.