Is this 10k queue on Valtan a F'ing joke ? Or what?

Seriously? What in the world is going on?

Did you guys run out of infrastructure resources again?!


Not a joke. It’s real.

I feel your pain, been waiting since 10k and I need to get on to finish daily

Did the server capacity got reduced again!!!

You can thanks your rmt mates who buy a lot of gold xd more rmters more bots and gold sellers. Imo they have to restart those servers.


Yeah seems like it.
Everytime they reduce the capacity, we get queues.

I was on at 9am AEST time (from Australia) and there was already a 1k queue. Around 12-1pm queue hit 6k+. :smiling_face_with_tear:


Don’t blame the bots, that’s just a poor excuse for poor enforcement strategy and game design

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New players ain’t no joke. Game is popular as hell.

If we had OCE servers Mari and Valtan wouldn’t be so flooded with players and bots


Bots come again hi hi bots!. Miss you.

True, but there is no solution for bots and never will be only late game inflation will stop them, when all raids will be released. Gold from high tier raids will make this whole low level boting process inviable.

10k queue…this is fine

We had 2 weeks honeymoon without queues… guess it’s over


New "players’ hyping for Valtan

They could implement a range of things, maybe as a first simple one is move account creating behind some sort of identity verification, maybe put a captcha on entering your X’th number of chaos dungeon for the day…

Is that the effect of the Valtan Hype Marketing?

I’ve been waiting 40 mins to get in and I still have 6000 in the queue…

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It took 84 minutes to log in :frowning:

It’s called bots