Is this a botting bus?


A guy carry three T3 bots in Abyssal dungeon to make golds.omg its so crazy.

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Not sure is it against the rules but I guess some people play more then 1 account.
I was in chaos dungeon and 1 guy was afk almost all time. It was looking like real person coz made some moves, kill some mobs but rest of time just stay there.
Im trying to say: Only coz someone carry others does not mean they are bots. Ofc does not exclude it.

i mean that three 1325 sorc are surely bots.

Just like every zerg is bot … whats you main ? :smiley:

u can go punika to have a look.then u`ll know why they are bots.

item lvl 1325.stronghold lvl5.low roster lvl.

Multi boxer more like


Zergs are usually ugly and cannot dance … They are :smiley:

Just kidding you.

I dont think forum CM doing anything about bots, but I guess they can give a link to make a ticket against this person(s) and his/her activities can be checked by other support group.

But in general Im not surprised that someone carry his/her bots OR other accounts.

Yes sir , thats a bot bus im sure there is a guy carrying them and its the bot owner
Few weeks ago i talk about this that on legions and other dungeons bots cant play due to mechs too complicated so they need someone to carry them so its the bot owner . So ez to spot out and instant ban but AGS wont do anything

Also adding the roster + stronghold name is impossible to be that roster and be 1325

Maybe it’s the bot owner?

That’s what I thought.going to report this.

Why would u report em tho? Botting is allowed

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