Is this a dead game?

Decided to do some low level roster quests on my main, and found not a single player on the lower level areas…

Just asking if i should continue playing a dead game, Or just go back to BDO, where at least the bots and RMT are under control…


KEKW nice try


It’s top heavy.
You will find players pretty much only in the endgame.
Plenty of them but you will not find many in low level areas, nobody levels when they can knowledge transfer 1-50

Why would there be people on low level areas? You go through there one time with your very first character and then never again

New players have to do the quest chain first.

There are no more new players in this game.

Nothing but RMT and bots.

Even sailing in the open seas is silent. Chat is dead lol.

Hahahahah guy, you are funny. Next.

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yes gme is ded.

I reckon you have min 69k people playing at one time in NA, 69k in EU and 69k in SA.

That adds up to roughly just slightly over 200k players and the rest are bots.

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200k seems a lot, i would say 20k tops still legit play this game, the rest are RMT/Bots.

Why would you play a dead game right?
Bye bye.
Maybe you can find lots of players in low level areas when you play BDO or whatever.

I mean Black Desert had so many ppl on grinding spots on the first 2 years, Lost ark is just all bots lol.

BDO has open world grinding. Almost all content in lost ark is instanced

Yeah you dont see hundreds of bots in the open just grinding. Most you’ll see is 1 zerker and thats like once a month.

every game is p2w, full of bots and dead etc. at least people say that about every game. best example is wow. they said since the burning crusade 2007 / wrath of the lich king 2008 that the game is dead. now after 15-16 years its still there. btw. for the alliance

It’s obviously a troll. Don’t feed the troll…



Are we talking about lost ark or BDO? I answered your question “why do I not see people like in BDO”. You don’t see them because they are all in instances doing dailies/weeklies

Not BDO, they literally found a way to stop RMT, even if it took them 4 years.

Also I think Amazon/Smilegate is purposely not banning the bots to inflate steamchart numbers

Oh it took 4 years to solve the problem, but you want it here in 4 months.
Are you even reading what you are writing?
Maybe they didn’t even solve the problem, it’s just that after 4 years selling gold there was not profitable anymore.

Lost ark has been out in Korea and Russia for years.

Thats a horrible argument.

The new world boss and Chaos gate always have people on my small server.

Fun fact: People will gather in places where the game incentivizes, fx economically with drops

There are not many MMO’s where people will consistently gather in bum fug nowhere randomly and yet consistently. How many people gather behind thrallmar in Burning crusade in retail wow?

Thats right. 0

And Korea requires your national id in order to create an account. RU is a dead server.