Is this a dead game?

Ok, so let’s use our social number to create steam accounts, then we can compare to KR.


BDO uses your IP address and everytime it changes you have to enter a random number generator.

Also trading between players is disabled permanently.

Lost Ark is simply nothing but bots, which Smilegate is allowing so ppl would think its a popular game but in fact an empty bot ridden game.

Any new player installing Lost Ark right now will see the thousands of bots rampaging the lower levels and think “Do i really wanna play a game where the Dev’s dont give a care about bots” and where are the other real players???

You know that two factor authentication, what you are describing, is completely optional in BDO right?

And it does nothing against bots. It would, at most, help with stolen accounts

Go login to BDO, you won’t find a single bot running around in the open. Now take a look at Lost Ark, Any Town/City South Vern and before that is infested with bots, not a single real player is in there.

There are no new players playing this game lol. That’s why I’m asking if this is a dead game.

where are the other real players???

In city or doing dungeon ? Unless BDO who is based on spending hours on grindspot so outside of city this game is based on doing dungeon, raid, chaos ,etc.
If you want to see people come in endgame where people go outside solely for island, una or quest on their rerol

But they don’t completly level it up from 0.(They also didn’t do it in BDO)

We’ve already explained to you that, while true that there are a lot of bots, there are also plenty of real players. You’ve just decided to ignore us.

BDO dealt with rmt by completely disabling any serious form of trading and by severely restitching the auction house.

Those would be changes to fundamental systems in lost ark and cannot be easily or lightly implemented.

Whats the difference ? Here you grind alts for 8 a day lmaoo

Gl setting up profitable bots in a game with an economy such as BDO. COMPLETELY different.
Also open world vs instanced game. No need to put 2 and 2 together, should be obvious, and even then you meet more people in LA’s overworld. And I like both games.

If you’ve played BDO seriously you can tell the difference

You are dead, Lost ark is not a dead game.

all the time we can see the same player say “gneu gneu dead game”

Go play to LoL or Tetris

Punish in BDO you can just switch your brain OFF for ALL day.

Don’t you bad mouth Tetris >.< Modern Tetris is actually really damn competitive and requires a lot of effort to become even a bit skilled in it.

Idk, I feel my brain turning into mush doing Chaos Gates and That purple fox x 2 everyday.

AHAHA so much skilled for him ? ok, go play adibou :smiley:

Oh difference in grinds are semantics. They are still very time consuming grinds. Heres a fair comparison Solas runs :slight_smile: if you want to be efficient.

JustAnotherLostArk so just quit SIMPLE ?

He will not he is a bdo player he love to suffer

idk, debating it right now, I don’t want to play a game deader than BDO.

I mean, your mind is made. There is nothing we or anyone else could say to convince you to rethink your perspective.

At this point conversation leads nowhere