Is this a dead game?

but, bdo is a lot more p2w and deader compared to this game

Just as simple in LA unless they are valtan ready and you dont have a guild. Rest is ezzzzz

Game isnt dead tho not yet this thread is bait lmao

I found one new player he asked me how to remove the dinosaur outfit - was surprised i met a new player at all lmao

Actually, BDO is less p2w than lost ark. Simply because the sheer cost to reach max gear is a lot lot higher in BDO.

What is worse in BDO is the pay for convenience. That cost is also a lot lot higher than in lost ark for most basic conveniences

Aidented I totally Agree with you!
And you know why? I have friends that cant stop grind in BDO even after years of BDO.
“Bdo player he love to suffer” 100% true!
BDO players are “masochists”

He might be a BDO shiller like the other dude that made a post about going back to BDO, because lost ark is “too difficult”.

Guy did mention earlier that he does braindead content such as chaos dungeons and “2x fox” so I dont think he has done valtan at all

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Leidian dude all Ex BDO players what only grind that’s all!
U switch off ur brain and grind mobs all day.

Yeah played it before going on lost ark. It was a really hard to stop. The game is more addictive than fun so you do not take a lot of pleasure but still play it (exept if you find something that you really like)

I havent played BDO at all but doing endless grind for eternity would make me go insane

Leidian imagine grind mobs for 6/12 hours every day for 2-3-5 years and fail honing. Those are ALL BDO players.

And failing honing makes the item downgrade or go poof with no pity system

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The main problem is that you grind to be able to grind somewhere else.
PVP is not fun if you’re not top gear and don’t play the right class.
PVE is braindead farm if you have stuff or losing cristal if you doesn’t.
Lifeskill is good if you like it.
And Honing is :-Weapon/Armor You use cron stones and it fail you keep your honing level, if you doesn’t use them and you fail you downgrade.
-Jewellery : if you click and it does work you loss the piece

People work they are doing to live and walk daily. Not all games all the time .This is an adult audience

People are different… If you don’t like something that doesn’t mean it’s bad. For example BDO grind for me is just brain-dead. You are pretty much doing the equivalent of Chaos Dungeon runs for hours on end - yet you say doing Chaos Dungeons in Lost Ark which takes 10 minutes per character per day is turning your brain into mush… If you did enjoy BDO better than it’s a no-brainer, LA is not for you, enjoy your time with BDO. Just a question though, did you get a chance to experience Valtan Raid yet?

Dead, no… declining, yes. Gross mismanagement is killing this game. Bots and RMT are rampant. Grind is way too much for any F2P player. Dailies are massive chores that suck to do. Honing feels awful. So yea, I wouldn’t say it is dead, but it is in decline for sure.

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Not really theres plenty of bots to play with :monkey:

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depends on what you see by dead game.
players who was hyped for game started it on day1
who liked stayed, who disliked left.
it would guess it doesnt get ton of new members, as everyone has their own taste.

i mean you are getting most of ur replies from skid marks that have invested there time which could have gotten them a real life job instead… or has wasted money in it,

Heres a real answer from someone not related to this crap. Yes the game is dying. new patches will bring ppl back for short periods of time. Bots are more than 60% of the games total population. probably even more as days go on. So Yes its dying, but it also doesnt feel like it, till you see all the bots.