Is this a joke? Returned for update no character slot

is this a joke? I havnt played for like 6months and Returned for update and i have no character slots free to create the artist.

Go to delete character it takes 24hours???

No free character slot expansion ticket with a new character update?

Heres a new class for you to come back and try, If you spend $14.99 for a character slot.

What a great welcome back to the game lmfao.

Not trying to be negative btw this update looks amazing and thats why im back im just frustrated i gotta wait so long for new character slot-24 hour char deletion :frowning: :slight_smile:

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Please someone tell me im just stupid and dont see it


no one ever got a free slot

its not only you

so you got for 2 characters 3 free passes to get them both to 1340+ and 1445 … which is worth more than 50$ worth and you are still not pleased ?

rethink if its right to come back

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Oh nono, those are awesome for everyone of course,
I just didnt know i had no character slots free and thought surely they can give players a free extension ticket like other games do when new classes come out,guess not and i find that pretty sad.

Im sure many people that have played since release without stopping dont have spare char slots and have to spend money to play the new update for the free game its lame.

you can pick another Server and use them there aswell

make a second roster

only this 2 are your options


Yep, they will never give us even 1 free char. slot.

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Is there any real problems for making a character on another server?

Is my gold region wide and my stash? (Im assuming its not :smiley: )

I think in KR and any other region did not get a free character slot. 6 slots is plently already.

This made me stop and think… hmmm… maybe I should make new roster from another server. Transfer gold via AH.

There a way for me to see what servers have the most players?
And whats the newest server added to the game?

nope, and there are no new servers

and not possible to see where are alot of players and where are only bots

I don’t think most games add a character slot for a new release. BDO doesn’t either. It’s 8 bucks so it’s really not that bad.

we never get char slots lol

They have never given free character slots for any new class.

playing a free to play game, does everything need to be free, pay for the slot or wait the 24 hours, none of the other 6 classes that have been released came with slot. Why did you think this one was. You waited 6 months, another 24 hours wont kill you

Sorry but u r not.
This is so funny

No one is forcing you to play 6+ characters . You can earn gold only on 6 anyway. Delete one.

People will whine about everything here. Its great :+1:

seems like you are the joke… you get 6 slots… want more ? buy them thats it

This is part of their FOMO money-making strategy. The value of alting is so much that a lot of players will more likely spend money to take advantage of Hyper Express Events. In the process they get more silver and materials. It is how it’s been structured.

Plebs or Non P2W FOMO players like us will just either delete or play the class on a different channel.

It’s 800 RC, that’s 8 € for me and I bet it’s same for $.