Is this a joke?

When in Spring the timezones got fucked and servertime got moved to one of the smallest timezones it was “welp lots of timezones so not everyone will be happy” to this?

Will EUC/EUW get a time changes as well in spring next year does everything move a hour ago because “not possible”

Now NA does it and its “welp alrighty lets change it”


We very recently were able to make changes to the in-game clock system, just as EU cycled back with their time change, so we let this self-correct without creating an additional downtime for players. In-game time is still based per overall region and not broken out by country, however moving ahead the in-game clocks will accurately match CET vs CEST as that was a major issue for the past season.


Thank you very much for clarifying!

Have a great weekend!


I’m still reading an hour ahead so I hope this is finally fixed. I thought that going out of daylight savings time now would put us back in line without any other changes needed.

The clocks are still an hour off.

not in EUC.

Thanks for letting us know this is not in EUC.

What server cluster are you having this happen on?

I’m on Regulus in NAE.

EUW is a hour behind too. At least for the majority. Would be nice if it was fixed.