Is this a mistake or is AGS trolling us?

I opened up the end of the year pack and saw this.
Is this just a mistake ?

Edit.: I am pointing at the “chance” to obtain part.

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100% a mistake. Never happened in KR. Hasnt happened to us in our version aswell.
Its the first time we are seeing a random version of these chests.


Doing the South Vern story quests give you chance-based chest as well, so it’s not an unknown chest ^^

just put them somewhere, they might hotfix this. dont open them yet.

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there are random versions for a while now it was just not common to get them
so its nothing new

@Castingbeast @yesnomaybeperhaps maybe i wasnt clear in my original comment but what i meant is the random ones are never given as rewards. Selection chests have been given in events, vendors or gifts.

I just logged in to post the same question when realising it’s a “chance” chest… MAYBE that’s the point of giving so many of them… just because of the chance… No ideea. Still hoping to be a mistake

it’s this Collective Battle Item Chest - Items - Lost Ark Codex looks like the chest have been in the game for a long time
why though, random item kinda useless when we won’t use 70% of it’s contents

i can confirm.

Even the KR streamers said this is most likely a mistake, since they have NEVER received random battle item chests as a gift.

The same can be said about our version too, all maintenance compensations had selection battle items in them, not random.

KR gets 100x of the pick chests every time they have a LOA ON so I am guessing this is a mistake.

No. AGS does not do mistakes. It’s a freebie, be grateful. You guys always find something to complain about.

The new year gift is almost exactly a replica of what KR LOAON gifts were. So why would this specific thing be different?

it’s almost new years, try to be less salty please <3 :slight_smile:

you know it’s good when they can’t even get the battle items from our compensation reward correct jfc man like come on… the levels of incompetency is staggering.

Not even a selection chest. AGS reaching new levels of greed week after week.

get ready for negative battle items OMEGALUL

Guy no need to be like that.
I bet this is just a mistake.
I wanted to post this just to point out something not to make a new post to sh*t talk AGS again.
There are so many of them already.

hey darling, I got you flowers for New Year, but I didn’t choose your favorite color, nor can you.
It’s RNG. Happy New Year!

ags has screwed up again? who would have thought it :smiley:
how can they actually show us on all channels how little they still think of the game and how little they have left for the community?

They aren’t going to change it though if they learned their lesson with Pheon Fiasco
Maybe give out a different package with the actual chests tho