Is this actually dead?

as the title says, new season I jump back to pvp but I just fight against the same 3 premade partys of 2-3 friends, is anyone ever playing this?
its not a big problem or something but its always agains the same people with the same classes over and over and over

most likely dead. its funny. in the german part of the pvp forum the last post was made on aug 27…nothing since then. Dont know how about NA but sounds pretty dead to me

Depends when you play mate, you knwo people go to work also

PvP took a hit, that much I can tell you a big one at that.
In EUC I’m seeing Gran Masters/Master/Diamond fight Silvers/Bronze, that says it all doesn’t it?

This happens during the day as well as prime time (7-11pm), I don’t want to imagine how a potential S3 will look like. Then again this is what happens when PvP is an after thought.

I’ll tell you though, last night I played on Russia a bit and things aren’t going to get any better only worse.

It’s not dead yet, but Smilegate canceled our insurance so we’re gonna need a miracle

I made 5 games yesterday for weekly without much waiting time vs mostly different players. At least on EUC it’s not dead at all

Why would not pvp andies pvp, when pvp shop was resetted ?

Hell nah brother

well on euc game are pretty decent but from what i hear on NA/NAW/EUW game is pretty dead

pvp is dead since july on my server.
stopped trying when the Q was more than 30min.
guess the only players left are bots.

Mainly because of progression, there’s no progression for pvp, it’s more side content that leads to nothing.

Most people are doing minimum 18 raids per week, adv island, chaos gate/field boss everyday, ghost ship, siege every week.
12 chaos dungeon min, guardian raid rest bonus few times a week.
Some people do way more if they bus as well.

There’s not enough time to pvp especially for people with limited time to play. Making gold and progressing main and alts to newest content is priority.

I just gave up on rankeds, gonna keep normals at least that actually get me in xd