Is this belong to rmt?

i have two steam id ,both of them was belong to me,i trade the gold and holding goods it is ok?

nobady knows?

1 account per person, using multiple accounts is against TOS and may result in a ban.

Probably best to delete this post, while it isn’t rmt, trading gold from one account to the other is against ToS as well as having 2 accounts. For two accounts they’d probably over look that, but the trading gold between the two could look like rmt and could get you a ban, one you won’t be able to overturn by saying it was from your other account as that is against ToS.

ty i know, tos is bad

not sure if this answer ur question

well for starters your using multiple accounts which is certainly against TOS and on top of that your name is a bunch of numbers so your probably a bot or bot farm operator trying to decide if they should play the game or just run bot farms either way the answer is NO

Not really clear on what you are asking but you are not supposed to use more than 1 account. Trading between multiple accounts could lead to a ban.

y would a thief turn themselves in smh.

If I were you, I would pick the one you want to keep and delete the other account because unfortunately, if it’s found that you have more than one account than you can be banned from Lost Ark. Only one account is allowed per player as some have said above. I hope this can verify it for you (:

@Azanaa btw same account but having two rosters on different servers (same region) is ok right?

Yes, it’s okay to have more than one server, character and roster, just not more than one account.