Is this considered against ToS?

Sorry if it has been said previously, can’t really find anything on this (if anyone has some sort of knowledge besides CM feel free to point me in the direction!).

I’d like to start a fresh on a new server (don’t ask me why :D), would it be considered an abuse, if, for example, I server-transfered some gold onto my new char? Like, you know, same as paying for Raid runs. I’d set a low lvl gem (or anything tbh) and buy it via my other character on my current server. This way my newly made noobie would have some gold on new server.

Not talking about huge amounts of gold, lets say like 30-40g.

Yes - it’s safe and not against ToS
No - prepare ban hammer

Thanks for your attention and potential laugh :smiley:

“As such, we cannot guarantee you will or won’t be penalized”

This was the answer to the question, if we can transfer gold between rosters on different servers through the auction house


As far as I know it isn’t stated in the ToS, but it’s a grey area that AGS would decide if it was resonable or not. If it’s a small sum then it probably wouldn’t be noticed, but if you had a character on 15 servers, each selling a 10k gem each week, well that can harm the economy (even if it’s technically your accounts gold)


Anything that they deem unfair is against the TOS. If you think about this logically for more than a few seconds it is pretty clearly an exploit that would allow players to bypass weekly lockouts and earn more gold than intended. Obviously they are not going to put a comprehensive list of exploits in writing :sweat_smile: which is why they have broad statements like this:

We reserve the right to determine what constitutes unfair play and to take corrective action we deem appropriate.

At any rate there have been a ton of discussions about this in the past and while the CM that initially informed players that it was not permitted is no longer with AGS I will link that post here for reference as the information provided is still relevant here:

actually it cannot harm the economy since the regions all have the same economy, all you do is lose 5% of each transaction meaning you are actually helping the economy by throwing awhile your own gold for no reason.