Is this how AGS treats their customers?

AGS will say they have successfully eliminated bots:

not giving a f that the majority of those people are REAL PLAYERS.

If you are going to ban all of us this way, please refund all of our money back. What a scam.

A negative steam review fosho.

EDIT (adding my response to the TOS argument):

Let me respond to this TOS argument once and for all.

  1. Does the TOS say that the game is only provided for certain parts of the NA and EU regions?
    Answer: Yes.

  2. Do people from outside the regions connect and play the game?
    Answer: Yes.

  3. Does AGS know this happens?
    Answer: Yes.

  4. Does AGS allow this to continue to happen?
    Answer: Yes, since launch until now (about four months).

  5. Relying on the fact that - despite the TOS - AGS intentionally allows this to happen and continue to happen, players from outside the regions spent money to support the game and tens of millions of USD if not more have exchanged hands.

  6. By AGS’s course of business practice since launch, it has effectively changed the TOS. The TOS is not a bible. It is also subject to interpretations according to US laws where the company is incorporated.

  7. Because of the bot issue, AGS implements a region block, knowing very well that legitimate paying players from outside the regions will be in the crossfire and become collateral damage.

  8. AGS points to the TOS and say the game is only provided for certain NA and EU regions.

  9. I am sorry but AGS cannot simply walk back on their business practice and say the TOS has all the terms and conditions all along. The TOS has effectively changed by their course of conduct. By banning all the players from outside the provided regions indiscriminately, AGS is breaching the contract (because millions of USD has changed hands).

  10. I hope those within the provided regions can reply civilly instead of patronising other players to get some brain.


Why would they refund you just because they finally detected you were logging in from a place you are not allowed to… does not get a refund


Curious though, which country are you playing from?

Been hearing people from KR are not able to login.

It’s obviously not only KR. Playing from Taiwan and got the exact same error message.

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Cause imagine spending a ton of money, supporting the game on forums, wanting it to improve, then getting banned because you live somewhere else.

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Unfortunately, what’s likely going to happen is that they region lock hard (Similar to how JP is) and start IP banning as soft measures to prevent as much rampant botting. Obviously, real players are going to be affected, but to them those players weren’t supposed to play on these servers since AGS does not have publishing rights in the countries those players are from. Even if it can prevent a decent chunk of botting that is what matters to them atm for the game. Ofc, it won’t be a 100% fix and nothing really will.

Take my money and then ban me because they are incompetent at dealing with bots? Not a business practice I would expect from one of the world’s highest market cap company.


Nope took your money cause you agreed to TOS…then caught you breaking those TOS by logging in from a banned place and banned you.

There is nothing in the TOS or COC about trying to access the game from outside one of the official regions. Just read it over multiple times in detail. Fact check next time before you post.


the whole asia i think, probably also RU (which has its own server)

Also, getting the population halved with it… while 3/4 where bot, no currently most are clearly bot ^^’

maybe in few weeks all bot will be back yes v_v"

well i would have some more pity because the measures are quite harsh especially this late… thats something that could be on from the start on the other hand this game and the bot industry is such an gamebreaker that just every measure is fine right now …

If its not allowed to play from that region then you shouldn’t play lol

I’m located in Canada and I’m getting this error… no VPN, over 1000 hours played. So why is Canada blocked?

Is it the same exactly error?

It shouldn’t be. Did AGS forget that Canada is in NA?

True, but that doesn’t change the overall situation. They told us from the start that they only supporting certain region because of licencing and other reasons. So if they play from a different country than the ones they mentioned … well … you know what happened now.

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Its the same as people on NA playing in the Kr server, they get banned often

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Was allowed to play from OCE and SEA, stated in their twitter…

And you got banned?

If a company doesn’t support my region/country, I wouldn’t (and didn’t) expect support from them. Not supporting a region/country and completely blocked a region/country, especially when that region/country was not blocked for the first 3 months, are two completely different things. talk about lacking brains … Also, I was commenting to the post above about “breaking (the) TOS.” regardless of whether or not this is a justifiable move, players in those regions most certainly did not break the TOS.